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The Rollerblade Blank Team Pigeon Skates were designed and tested by the Blank Pro Team. Pigeon is the colorway on these, and although not a huge fan of the name, it looks great. The Blank shell provides excellent support at the foot and ankle to handle high impacts and perform technical grinds when skating either street or park. 
Blank Liners (removable) have strategic padding and stretchable toes (footboard sizer included to adjust size). Inside are Performance-Plus Insoles that have a rubber outsole and a silicone strip to be strong and stay in place. Direct Mount soulplates connect with the shell to offer great balance, control, and a better feel when grinding. The closures work together with the integrated lacing of the liners to provide an excellent wrap (45-degree strap, and a cuff buckle).  Integrated shock absorbers work to soften landings. Blank UFS Frames have curved walls that reduce friction and lowered h-blocks skate well with either a flat or anti-rocker setup. Out of the box they come with Hydrogen 60mm 92A Wheels, 42mm plastic anti-rocker wheels, and Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus Bearings.


Rollerblade Blank Aggressive Skate

$350.00 Regular Price
$338.50Sale Price
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