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Skate Gear Gloves are a perfect combination of fit and functionality. These gloves keep you protected, yet enable you to easily use your hands for things like checking your phone or grabbing your water bottle. These durable, lightweight gloves provide breathability, reflective features and an absorbent thumb cloth. The secure velcro closure enables a custom fit and removable pads are included for extra protection.
• THIS ACCESSORY IS FOR - Added protection with ease of movement for your hands.
• ANATOMICAL, REMOVEABLE PALM PADS - Right/Left specific and attach to the glove with R/L shaped velcro pads for proper placement of removeable pads, added protection and convenient removal.
• BREATHABLE AND DURABLE with its elastic mesh backing, microfiber palm padding.
• FINGER PULL TABS & SECURE CLOSURE- Easy glove removal and velcro strap allow for optimal fit.
• TERRY CLOTH THUMB STRIP helps absorb moisture and wipe sweat away.

RB Skate Gear Gloves

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