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The Rollerblade Hydrogen Spectre 80mm/85A Inline Skate Wheels are guaranteed to improve your ride. These 80mm/85A wheels are made to enhance speed with less effort from you while the maximum grip provides excellent vibration control. Made in the USA using an exclusive Premium formula, the scooped inner core support a urethane outer that is designed for excellent performance. Whether you're flying down the boardwalk with -in-your-face speed or slaloming tight corners, the Hydrogen Spectre wheels will keep you rolling with greater response a smoother ride.


  • 85mm/85A wheel set (4 Pack)
  • Advanced speed and durable construction
  • Premium formula provides better rebound
  • Solid core design offers consistent speed with added cornering
  • Maximum grip cuts down on vibration

Wheels Hydrogen 80mm (Blue)

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