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You've put a lot of miles on your skates, and it shows in how worn down your wheels are. But you can breathe new life into those old skates by upgrading to the Rollerblade Hydrogen 125mm 85A Inline Skate Wheels. Thanks to the generous size they offer you improved stability at the highest speeds, and a smoother ride that inspires confidence in any conditions. The Premium Urethane Construction results in a Durometer Rating of 85a, meaning these wheels hit the sweet spot of low rolling resistance and long-lasting durability while still maintaining solid grip.


  • Oversized 125mm diameter offers maximum top-speed stability and a smoother ride
  • 85a Durometer Rating offers improved durability without compromising grip


  • Perfect for long-distance and serious fitness skating
  • Solid Core Construction keeps weight down while maintaining durable strength
  • Works only with frames capable of holding 125mm wheels
  • Made in USA

Wheels Hydrogen 125mm

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