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Bladegear XT JR 3 Pack is a quality set of protective gear designed for all levels of skaters wanting protection and breathability. Skating surfaces can be unpredictable depending on where one is skating and even better skaters can feel a little more confident when using Bladegear XT. It is designed for all skaters who want to make skating more enjoyable and safer. Beginners also like them because of the value they offer. Ideal for any type of training or casual skate session, the pads are right/left anatomically designed and the protective caps are also shaped to comfortably protect the body with a slim profiled fit. The durable construction, fit and protection make this a great set of pads. The 3 pack includes a pair of wristguards, knee pads and elbow pads packaged nicely in a reusable mesh bag.
• BLADEGEAR XT JR 3 PACK gear keeps skaters protected during all types of skating. The 3 Pack includes a pair of wristguards, knee pads and elbow pads in a reusable mesh bag.
• ANATOMICAL, RIGHT/LEFT SPECIFIC CAPS provide durability and protection with comfort.
• EASY STRAP CLOSURE SYSTEM keeps the pads securely in place.
• BREATHABLE MESH IN THE LINING helps skaters feel cooler and drier.
• PADS ARE CONVENIENTLY LABELED RIGHT AND LEFT on the straps to ensure they are worn properly.

BladeGear JR 3-PACK

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